Hello, my name is LJ, I am a User-Experience 'er.




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University of Washington - School of Nursing

At the University of Washington’s School of Nursing, I am embarking on a meaningful journey to enhance the user experience within the academic community. Collaborating with various teams, I am focused on developing the SoN intranet site, employing user-centric design. This partnership has led to a cohesive user experience that fosters better stakeholder information access.

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University of Washington Tacoma - Digital Learning User Experience (DLUX): Usability Study

Welcome to an exploration of the digital educational landscape. This research project delves into the usability of Canvas courses across various academic subjects. Using a team of student researchers guided by Dr. Emma J. Rose and Dr. Libi Sunderman, we aim to understand how these courses fare through the lens of hybrid and online learning principles. The ultimate goal is to gather data and insights to empower educators to improve their practices, creating a more effective and human-centered learning experience.

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Dodai - UX Research / Website Design

How might we design an inclusive website that will connect Afghan refugees with familiar cooking ingredients from their homes to those ingredients in United States grocery stores.

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