About Me

Hello world I’m LJ!

I am, above all, a proud father of two incredible young women who, along with their mother, are the light of my life.

My journey as a human-centered designer began during my career in banking in the early 2000s. As a Loan Officer, I coordinated a team to craft several successful marketing campaigns. This ignited my love for design, a passion that only grew with time.

In 2010, while attending Great Basin College, I stumbled upon permaculture. This discovery opened my eyes to regenerative agriculture, sparking an interest that would grow over the next decade.

When the recession hit, my path detracted as I moved states and explored various opportunities. Eventually, I rediscovered my passion for design and enrolled at Great Basin College in Elko, NV, earning my associate degree in computer technologies with a web specialist emphasis.

Since freelancing, I’ve had the privilege of working with some remarkable companies and individuals. In 2015, I returned to my beautiful home state of Washington. I worked as an IT Specialist/Web Designer at the Old Cannery in Sumner, WA. When the pandemic hit, I seized the opportunity to expand my knowledge at SkillSpire in Bellevue, WA, obtaining a certificate in Java and Cloud computing. Returning to the classroom inspired me, and I enrolled at the University of Washington Tacoma in November 2020.

In June 2023, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Innovation and Design. I plan to fulfill my educational goals with a Master of Science in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. I would love to explore how to integrate permaculture principles with human-centered design, seeking to create user-friendly, sustainable solutions that are harmonious with the environment.

My story is one of resilience, creativity, and an unending desire to learn and grow. Whether it’s in my family life or my pursuit of design excellence, I believe in nurturing connections, fostering innovation, and striving to integrate sustainability and humanity into everything I design.